R/C HSP Fail Safe For Servo Receiver Nitro Model Radio Remote Control

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R/C HSP Fail Safe For Servo Receiver Nitro Model.
This is a R/C HSP Fail Safe for Servo Receiver for Nitro Model.
It will in the event of radio signal or low battery automatically switch the
throttle/steering  servo back to its pre-set position.

To set up the fail safe.

1) Put the servo you wish to connect (throttle servo) connection into the fail safe.


2) Put the fail safe connection lead into the servo port of the receiver (where the throttle servo lead usually goes).

3) Turn everything on and move the throttle servo to the spot where you want it to go when it runs out of power/loses signal (using the transmitter).

4) Push the set button on the fail safe to save the setting.


5) All Done!

Please ensure you test it by switching of the remote before you begin use, it will return the throttle servo to the pre-set position.

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