PC Laptop Large Print USB Wired Keyboard UK Spec High Contrast Numeric Keypad

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PC Laptop Large Print USB Wired Keyboard.
Large Print USB Keyboard High Contrast Big Letters PC Apple Mac Numeric Keypad
This is a Large Print Wired USB Keyboard.
  • High quality Brand new Designed with large print keys.
  • Bright Yellow keys with black lettering.
  • Waterproof Designed with drain holes.
  • With USB port: Compatible with PC and Mac.
  • Perfect for people with low vision.
  • Our high contrast, high visibility computer keyboard is ideal for people with impaired vision and unlike other models, ours has a numerical keypad as standard.
  • The bright Yellow keys with large print letters help alleviate the eye strain associated with using a computer keyboard.
  • Fitted with a USB lead which simply plugs into a USB port on any Mac or PC.
  • The letters and numbers are four times larger than those on standard models. It's bright and bold, with a spill resistant design.
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac, this keyboard has a UK/British layout.
  • Its instructions are easy to learn and understand.