419 pc Rubber O Ring Seal Set Plumbing Garage DIY 32 Sizes 419pc Set With Case

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419 pc Rubber O Ring Seal Set
This is a 419 piece Rubber O Ring Seal Set.
It has 32 different metric sizes and is ideal for plumbers, garages and DIY.
Comes in a handy plastic case.

20pc - 3mm x 1.5mm 
20pc - 4.4mm x 2mm  
18pc - 5mm x 2mm 
23pc - 7mm x 1.5mm   
 23pc - 10mm x 1.5mm   
  23pc - 13mm x 1.5mm   
14pc - 10mm x 2.5mm 
13pc - 11mm x 2.5mm  
14pc - 13mm x 2.5mm 
13pc - 14mm x 2.5mm  
14pc - 16mm x 2.5mm   
14pc - 18mm x 2.5mm   
13pc - 19mm x 2.5mm 
14pc - 21mm x 2.5mm 
13pc - 22mm x 2.5mm   
10pc - 18mm x 3.5mm  
10pc - 20mm x 3.5mm   
10pc - 22mm x 3.5mm   
  10pc - 23.5mm x 3.5mm  
10pc - 25mm x 3.5mm   
  10pc - 26.5mm x 3.5mm 
10pc - 28mm x 3.5mm 
10pc - 30mm x 3.5mm   
10pc - 31mm x 3.5mm 
10pc - 33mm x 3.5mm   
   10pc - 34.5mm x 3.5mm   
10pc - 36mm x 3.5mm   
10pc - 38mm x 3.5mm   
10pc - 41mm x 3.5mm 
10pc - 44mm x 3.5mm   
10pc - 47mm x 3.5mm 

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