3mm Push Rods Carbon Fibre 4 Clevises & Couplers.

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3mm Push Rods Carbon Fibre 4 Clevises & Couplers

3mm Carbon Fibre Push Rods x 250mm
Also 4 Clevises & Couplers and Locking Nuts.
These are Carbon Fibre Push Rods 3mm in diameter 250mm long which are extremely strong and light weight and includes 4 Clevises and Threaded Couplers and Lock Nuts.
The extenders have a 2.8mm hole so the rods will require sanding down to fit the rod tight.
The rods can be cut down to make shorter push rods.
Pack Includes:
2 Push Rods
4 Clevises
4 Threaded Couplers
4 Locking Nuts
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