Lipo Cell Checker 2s ~8s 3.7v - 36v With Low Voltage Alarm Buzzer

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Lipo Cell Checker 2s~8s 3.7V -36V Low Alarm Buzzer.

This is a Turnigy Lipo Cell Checker 2s~8s 3.7V-36v With Low Voltage Alarm.
It features loud twin Piezo alarms to notify you once your cells reach a user defined voltage.
You can customize the alarm to sound at a voltage between 2.7v~3.8v Per cell in 0.10v increments
by pressing setting mode button.
It has a handy built in LED display that will show the voltage of each cell followed by the over
all voltage of the pack.

Input: 2~8S
Battery Type: Lipo/Life/ Li-ion
Cell voltage Display Range: 0.5v ~ 4.5v
Total Voltage Display Range: 3.7v~ 36v
Alarm set values: Off or 2.7v ~3.8v
Size: 41 x 30 x 13mm
Weigh: 13g(with case)

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